The climatic mountain Katschberg. Sustainable and unique like its nature.


Klimaberg Katschberg

Das Katschberg is part of the Klimaberg community

Together the common goal in mind. With e lot of dedication and commitment, we have built up our hotels and businesses. We are grateful for that.

To be able to live in the middle of the most beautiful mountains and to be able to pass this on to our guests is not a matter of course.

That is why we take care of the sustainability and climate of our region.

We give back to nature what we borrow from it.

It started with the raised beds on Katschberg, with Klima Erde, with the bee colonies on the mountain, with the increased purchase of products from the region and with electro mobility on the mountain.

We will continue to pursue our goals strictly and carefully.

Would you like to support us too?